Starting November 1 ,2010 I will only take cash as payment.Checks returned for nonpayment are becoming too hard to collect.Sorry for any inconvience this may cause.

All dogs MUST be on a leash. This is for the safety of your pet and for the safety of the animals that live here.

I do require proof of Distemper and Parvo vaccinations or titer results. Please bring paper work with you....

 I do require proof of current rabies vaccination.

 If during any grooming appointment your dog becomes too stressed or agressive to continue, the grooming will stop. This is for the safety of your dog and myself.

If your dogs coat is matted to the point I can not safely remove the mats I will recommend your dog be shaved and I will leave as much hair as I can.

Cleaning ears and cutting nails are sometimes not a dogs favorite thing I will do this only if the dog is fine with having it done. If they become too stressed or agressive I will not do it.

Groomers are not able to sedate your dog. If your dog does required sedation for grooming please seek the advice of your vet.

Please remember this is my home you are visiting so make sure you scoop your dogs poop. A trash bucket and poop scooper are provided.

A word about fleas if your dog has them Please treat them with Advantix or Frontline the day before your grooming appointment. I really dont want your fleas in my home. If your dog has fleas at the time of your appointment they will be treated at your expense.

If for any reason you are unable to keep an appointment I require 24 hours notice so I am able to fill the spot from my waiting list. If you do not call and are a no show you will be charged a no show fee of $25.00... If you are a no show 2 times I may not be able to take future appointments from you unless they are paid in advance .Please remember I am self employed and a no show means I do not get paid. You will be offered a spot on the waiting list an I will call you when I have an open appointment.

If you know you will be late for your scheduled appointment please call and let me know. Any lateness of more then 15 minutes may result in your having to reschedule your appointment.

There is a $30.00 fee for all returned checks in addition to the grooming fee. If 2 of your checks have been returned unpaid you will be put on a cash only payment for grooming.

At this time I only take cash . Thank You !